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Nirmal Panwar


1. Library

Library Resources:

1. Name of Liberian Smt. Prem Kanwar
1. Library Resources: 4875
  Total Title No. of Books 550
2. Number of Books added to the library every year 150
3. Education journals/ periodicals 10
4. Encyclopedia 2
5. Reference 20
6. Sitting Capacity 100

2. Laboratory Facility

The college has Psychology Lab, E.T. & Media Lab, Language Lab and Audio Video Lab.

Psychology Lab

The College has created Psychology Lab facilities all instruments and tests for the simple experiments related to the education psychology are available in psychology lab. The facilities in the psychology lab are adequate.

Educational Technology & Media Lab:

The college has created well educational technology and media lab. Forty computers with all supporting accessories like multimedia, internet access, printers are available in the E.T. lab. Facilities for accessing and use of digital learning resources are available, color T.V., C.D. player, OHP, slide projector, amplifier, radio, tape recorder and all other required equipment are available in E.T. lab. Public address system facilities are available in E.T. lab. 100 student sitting capacity is available in E.T. lab. The E.T. lab facilities are adequate.

Language Lab:

For helping students in improvement of their pronunciation, vocabulary & interactive ability.

Audio-Visual Lab:

Adequate Maps, Charts, Globes, Atlas, Tracing machine are available for the students to use in teaching.

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